Dawn’s Relaxation Show 


First, you need a few things to prepare…

-          A “Relax with Wax” pack

-          A relaxing sounding CD or cassette (talk w/Hostess re: this)

-          [optional!]I bring my meditating pillow (just a square pillow—I sit on the floor during   this, BUT you DO NOT have too!  Some floors are just not comfy! Hee hee!))

-          My “Set Up Your Night of Relaxation” folder/calendar

most of these ideas were inspired by a great SRVP I never met, but heard about through my Leader and cousin J --I just tweaked it some here & there and added my ideas!  She gets all the credit! Thanks!

That’s all!  The rest of the stuff you bring is all of the “usual” stuff you bring to your shows!

I talk to the Hostess prior to coming to find out about a CD player or tape player nearby, so we can have the “soothing” sounds in the background.  One Hostess suggested playing HER relaxing CD so I didn’t have to bring mine! (Mine is a mix of piano, ocean waves, rain, harp, and Celtic music) 

I also do the typical chit-chat with the Hostess to get a feel of what she thinks would or wouldn’t be “comfortable” for guests, etc…many of the Hostesses catch the “relaxation” vibe I send out and even take it easy on the refreshments they put out!  Ideas are herbal teas, or some type of hot drink (it’s more “relaxing”), but some like to have beer!  It’s pretty much up to them! 

I start off asking the Hostess to dim the lights…the rest is my “demo”: 

“Hello everyone!  (do your basic introduction of yourself)…Want I am going to do tonight is create an oasis of calm…I hope to create a relaxing mood and atmosphere…so kick off your shoes, get comfy and enjoy this gathering of friends & family. 

Now, I want to know one thing.  If you did not come here tonight, would you have taken 2 hours out for YOURSELF?  (You get a GREAT reaction here!)  Probably not right?  You would still be at home stressing out, running errands, worrying, etc… right?  Well, since you did take out 2 hours of your night to come here tonight, I guarantee you a relaxing evening!  

This (as I point around the room)  is what I call a STRESS FREE ZONE!  I mean what could be better than this?  You are surrounded by friends and family, have hot tea…no husband, no kids….and these are some of the reasons I do what I do.  

Doing these shows is my stress release!  I am hoping soon to make it my career, and then too it will most likely be my stress reliever!  I get to get out of the messy house, away from the hubby & kids and I get to play with one of my favorite things in the world…CANDLES!  I get to “party”, eat and drink, scout for talented & dynamic women and on top of all this I make money!?  It’s really a way for me to grow creatively in ways I never thought I could… 

Well, since we are "relaxing" and all here in honor of __________ I want to thank her for being a wonderful woman and for allowing me to share with all of you the magic of candlelight!                        --Relax with Wax pack--explain contents…

So, ________, after everyone leaves later, go run yourself a hot steamy bubble bath, light your free candle, bring your warm mug of tea/coffee/spiced cider…and don't forget your PL catalogs!  J Lie back, and browse through the books and dream of all the FREE PL you will be getting just from hosting a "relaxing candle show".  Better yet, start dreaming about all the benefits you will be receiving by starting your own PL business! 

I don't know about all of you, but that’s MY idea of relaxing….imagine it: lying in a big bubble bath, sipping tea, no worries, no pain, a shopping spree…HOW CAN YOU SAY NO?

Now this is where I start using PL’s new statement…this takes a little longer & some consultants do not like to do this much stuff, but I found in my shows that I did this that it was more like a welcome relief to the “typical” PL demo.  Change the wording to fit your personality.  I give credit to a SRVP who does this at her shows & I have tweaked it a bit to fit how I speak! 

Decorate Your Home…

Ask…what reasons do we burn candles?  Many things come to mind….it used to be just for the sole purpose of home decorating, but in today’s hustle and bustle world, people are burning candles for other reasons.  Well, right now I want to talk about the #1 reason for burning candles….DECORATING YOUR HOME. 

Decorate with beautiful PL accessories as well as candles…..As you glance through our 2002 catalog, note the wide variety of pieces.  We have something for every style!  From polished brass, to wrought iron, to the contemporary look of shiny chrome, to faceted crystal to the natural, organic look….. 

This is the idea taken from the SRVP J Lets take a virtual tour of your Home.  This is a visualization exercise we are going to do--you can close your eyes if you'd like--or stare at me, or stare into your lap…we are going to go room by room, decorating each with PL.  Uh-oh, I sense a bit of that relaxation starting to fade!  Is your house messy or something?  Well, guess what….you have a maid…your home is spotless!  And PL paid for the maid! J  OK….back to the virtual tour…(I have fun with this…some guests feel funny closing their eyes, but I tell you, some REALLY get into this! ). 

OK, walk in the front door, what do you see?  What is the focal point?  Can it be decorated with candles?  Is there an empty corner or table?  Is there a space on the wall for a sconce?  Lets walk into your family room, or living room…when you walk in sit down in your favorite seat.  What is the view from there?  Coffee table? Fireplace? TV & entertainment center?  Where could you put candles?  If you had $100 at the PL Galleria (I say this with a funny, “Valley Girl” accent! J) , WHAT would you get??  Now, take a few moments to go seat, by seat in this room…taking in all the viewpoints…this will help you in decorating in every angle. 

OK…on in to the dining room or kitchen.  Wherever you table is…sit at every seat and look around…what do you see?  What type of dinner candles do you see on the table?  Can you see yourself and your family sitting down to a candlelight dinner every night?  WHY NOT?  This is what I do…..I break out my finest paper plates, light a couple tapers, and eat.  You can turn a Kraft Macaroni & Cheese dinner into a cozy, relaxing and even romantic meal!   

Speaking of romance….on to the bedroom (everyone chuckles).  This can be a place of romance OR retreat and relaxation.  –do whatever you’d like here…. 

On to the last room….well there may be many more, but we are heading to the MOST visited place, the bathroom.  As like in every other room, sit down……….(laughter)…….ok well laugh if you want to, but when people go into your bathroom they SIT and they LOOK…..ok, so you are sitting……..what do you see? What do you smell?  Is this how you want it to smell? J  Think about a candle burning on the back of the toilet seat, on the sink area, or a sconce…remember a candle in the bathroom is perfect for those misty & steamy showers…baths…etc…This room gets laughs and everyone thinks of their bathroom!  Feel the crowd out!  Make ‘em laugh!  It took me 2 shows to feel comfortable saying this part & when I finally did they loved it!  

So, before you all drift away because of how relaxed you are, or you are getting ansy because you want to start decorating your home….I DO have something for all of you!  Our NEW 2002 PL line!!       (pass around books & folders) 

As, I am passing these around, who here has been to a PL Show before?  Who has never?  To those of you "PL Junkies" as I like to call old veterans…I want to tell you this:  YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN PL LIKE THIS BEFORE!  This 2002 line is awesome…over __ new pages in the book, 6 new scents, NEW product!  Unreal!  The Hostess Program has been enhanced…(I have no idea what’s in the new line so ad lib here!) 

To all of you "Soon-To-Be PL Junkies"….those new to PL, I am very proud to be the first to introduce it to you!  We have the #1 selling candle in the USA, the #1 Direct Selling business and our products are EXCLUSIVE to PL.  Our candles are the best and they are FREE! (do your own thing here…) 

In your blue folders you will see the new 2002 line…an order form…a CCTip card, and a blue brochure.  Oh that’s right!!!  We are relaxing here!!  You don't have to lift a finger during my presentation…just look up here and I will walk you through it all. 

(AGAIN…I am not going to go through all this, you add in what YOU do……or eliminate this part….) 

On to the nest part of the new statement…work in how you see fit…I am always changing my show!


I want to touch on 2 more reasons for burning candles…first being Celebrating!  Think about HOW we celebrate?  WHY do we celebrate?  To honor an anniversary, a birthday, a wedding or a birth…..WHY WAIT?  In these times, we are all slowly realizing that we do not need a reason or a date to celebrate LIFE!  Each moment you spend with your family or friends or even YOURSELF should be celebrated!  MAKE ORDINARY MOMENTS EXTRAORDINARY!  Adding the magical glow of candlelight to everyday events is a great way to do this.  Sitting at the dining room table with dinner candle lit is a perfect touch; who cares if it’s just a bowl of cereal!?  Seize the day!  Can you light a candle at work?  Probably not, but how about where you do your monthly bills? Your computer area?  Rent movies?  Grab the popcorn and pop and cuddle under the blanket…turn off the lights…and light all your candles in your home for an added nuance to your movie experience.  You'll be surprised at what a little candlelight can do for your life! 


…illuminate (love that word!) your spirit with a relaxing get-away in a favorite chair, bathtub, in your garden….surrounded by our Indulgences line (explain, or not explain).  We ALL need to unwind…and I feel it is SO important for us to do so….create a personal haven or “sacred space” as I like to call it.  Go there to restore your sense of well-being & balance.  Go to this place where tranquility inspires new ways of thinking and prompts self-discovery.  (…to some, you may be thinking this is way too “new-agey”, but who doesn’t like to relax and unwind?  This is a place truly all their own…use whatever words and descriptions come to mind!)

You can also illuminate your spirit or “light up your life” by discovering the opportunity to own your very own business…Watch and feel your personal business—and your spirit—prosper and glow! 

Well, that’s ALL FOLKS!  As you might see, some of this I made up, some I took from a Leader Meeting, and some right out of PL catty and last month’s Reflections…..When I do this script, adding in all the distractions, interruptions, etc, it still lasts only 20 minutes or less…..depending on the crowd of course & whether or not they are receptive…blah blah…. 

My hope for all of you is to take this script and idea and run with it!  I know there are great creative geniuses out there reading this and my goal was to FUEL YOUR FIRE!  Every time I re-read this I think of NEW things!   

With the NEW 2002 catty, new logo, etc coming at us soon, I have a feeling PL will make this type of shoe easier!  Right?  


…earning my wings…