You will need the following supplies:

A hanging file box

60 hanging files

Manila folders (can use diff colors for hostess/sponsor prospects if you like)

Sheet protectors

#10 envelopes


1. Label folders 1-31, Jan-Dec, Claim Forms, Originals, Fliers, then what is left over label in product categories that make sense to you (ie Brass, Crystal, Wrought Iron etc)

2. In the manila folders put whatever handouts you give to our hostess/sponsors. Not what you put in your hostess packets, we'll get to that later. For examples your hostess folder might have: a thank you for booking letter, postcard stating your invites have been sent, hostess checklist, after show thank you letter, you get the idea basically anything you send to your hostess. Do the same for potential sponsors.

3. Start filing. Heres how: for each show you booked at your show tonight take a manila folder (the ones you just put together) and put the hostess name on it. Pull out the hostess thank you and envelope, address it and file it for tomorrow so you remember to mail it right away. Then file the folder 3 or 4 days out to remind you to check back with her if you have not received her guest list yet. Keep moving the folder into a new date each time you have done another step until finally the folder gets moved into the show date and then the close and mail the show date, follow up thank you etc. and finally you could move it into the month
that you want to contact her to rebook herself. Make sense? Use the same system for potential sponsors.

4. Now take your DPS from that same show and file them by: if they gave you any positive feedback put them in the date files and these are your 2 + 2 calls for the next few days. If they said maybe they would do a show in say July, file them in June and when June comes they get moved into your daily files. Or if they said their favorite item was a brass item file them in your brass folder and when that item is a hostess
special they move into your 2 + 2 area.

5. Use the other files for storing your contest info, claim forms and originals of your handouts.

6. Don't forget to make notes to place in your daily files reminding you of contest deadlines, hostess special deadlines etc. Be sure to file them far enough ahead of those deadlines that you have time to get them received by the deadline.

Always have at least 25 hostess packets and sponsoring packets ready to go to avoid that last minute rush on your way out the door. An easy way to do this is again using a hanging file box - this one has to be portable. In the file box place all the materials you put in your packets including folders. After each show put the used folders that need to be replenished in the box. Now next time you sit down to watch TV, or sit in the car pool line etc. take the box with you and work on putting the folders together. This box can also be placed in the trunk of your car and if the hostess surprises you with a bigger than anticipated group you have extra order forms etc with you.

How should I better organize this?

Well, at first, I was keeping all my contacts on index cards. Name, email, address, phone, and the like. Then I would use the back to keep track of what I sent, when, and what the response was.

I've now had to move into a binder. I built and printed out contact sheets, and have transferred everyone and everything to that binder. I have one for "Internet" which I have everyone listed alphabetically according to their email addy, and one for "Local" which is by last name.

This gives me more room for notes on when I emailed/called, what and when I've snail-mailed, notes from phone calls, that kinds of stuff. What makes it so easy is, when I go to email or call someone, all of their info is right there in front of me - I don't have to go hunt it down in my email box before I call. You could also set them up with manila file folders, but that can run expensive when you're always buying more folders. I use 5" binder, so there's plenty of expanding room.

Organize Your Leads

I was asked to share this. I am enjoying the way this is working out, and actually pretty proud of myself. I am like the most disorganized person in the world, I hate to admit it. I use the horizontal pile system usually.

When my lead #'s started growing so much I couldn't keep up, I knew I had to do something, so this is what I did. I have been doing my business since April, so I bought 1/2" binders on sale for 99c, one for each month so far. Then I grabbed my first horizontal pile for April, labeled my book APRIL 99 and got to work.

First I separated the leads into categories: Those with phone numbers and emails, leads with no phone numbers, just emails, leads with no emails, just phone numbers, and leads with neither.

I put colored tab dividers in the binders and labeled each section. Then I numbered each lead page that had an email address. I opened my address book in my computer and made a group. APRIL, MAY, JUNE, etc. Then I started with AP1-name and entered the email address. AP2 name - email address. The reason I did it this way, was so that when I sent a mail to the group, any that came back, I could find and match up in my books to make sure I spelled the email address right and if so, take it out of that section, scratch through the email, and add it to the appropriate section. Now I have each month categorized in a way that makes it easier for me to do phone and snail mail follow up, with the snail mail urgency being on those I have no alternative ways of contacting. So far this is working, I am thinking of what I will use next year when I hit April again. I think it will work because the numbers will be at such a far span I will know that AP24 was from 99 and AP2345 was from 2000. Since I have about 700 leads in 4 1/2 months, there should be a pretty good gap in numbers for the following year.


The best thing to keep your books from walking is coming up with a binder. This is how I do mine.


1/4" Binders, non glare Page Protectors, Magazine holders, Stickers, Fliers, Sponsoring Brochure, Door Prize Slips, Order Forms, Business Card.

Take the binder and put the magazine holder in it ($1.99 for 12 at Wal-Mart). Tape your book in the magazine holder to make it secure. Make sure that you do not tape over the edges of the books, because they will not open properly Then I take two page holders in. In the first one I put a flier saying; WANT IT FOR FREE!! Become a "Company" Hostess. Here are 4 GREAT reasons to have a show: 1.) Free Product 2.) Half Priced Items, 3.) Hostess Specials 4.) Booking Gifts. I explain each of these and give an example of a four hundred dollar party at the bottom. On the back I have a flier of the next months Hostess Specials. I do my fliers in color and use Microsoft Word.

On the second page I have a flier on sponsoring on the front. It says; Our Opportunity Why choose "Company": FREE STARTER KIT. Free training, No deliveries, The hours are flexible, THE MONEY! You have everything to Gain and nothing to Loose!!!

On the back I put the sponsoring brochure in it.

Then in the pockets of the binder, I put order forms and their door prize slips. I have a sticker on the front that says; Find something you love to do and you'll never have to work another day in your life from Directly from the heart). On the inside I have a sticker with my name, address and telephone number on it, and another one that says Phone orders and book shows welcome.

I use binders instead of folders because they don't get ruined from drinks and people don't scribbling all over them. I bought mine from Staples for .49 each! They won't take them home either, because they look expensive. I do carry books with me to give to people if they want one to take home.

I make sure they have a sponsoring brochure in the middle. I figure if there taking it home, they're interested in "Company". I give them Candle Care Cards with their receipt when they place an order.

Catalog folders at parties

I have 2-pocket folders with the 3-ring thingie inside. I have 3 of the clear pocket page protectors in the binder with hostessing and sponsoring information that they can flip through at their leisure while "shopping". In the front pocket I have the door prize slip, a candle care tip card and a you can have it all brochure. In the back pocket I have one of each of the current catalogs and an order form.


Before passing out the 1st one, I show them what's in the front pocket and to be sure to take the cctc and why...I explain they can take the YCHIA anonymously to quench their curiosity and then take the dps filling out the top only - I go through the questions with them, changing them a little.


I file my door prize slips in an 4x6 File card holder in Alphabetical order. I also have an index of the months of the year; Jan, Feb. and so on. On question three I tell people, "If now is not a good time but you are interested in having a party in the future put the month down that you think you would hold your party. That way I can call you the month before and schedule your party. There is no obligation and I promise I won't harass you." This give me a lead for my 2+2 calls. I then file those door prize slips in the appropriate months to contact them. So if someone would put down July, I would contact them in the first week of June to book their show and have plenty of time

1-31 File System! Works Great!
A great way to organize door prize slips and follow-up calls! Get an expandable 1-31 day file folder or file box with a 1-31 day dividers.

Then after you get home from a show take those door prize slips and file them about two weeks after the show would be delivered and make those your 2+2 calls. It's a great customer service call tool! (After they have used what they purchased...and may need more. Book a show...) And, you don't have to fish around to find out who you're gonna call for your 2+2 calls either.

Also use the 1-31 file system to use for follow up calls too. Just put your reminder or door prize slip in the given day to call someone back. Then everyday pull out that day's file and BINGO you have
all of your to-do and 2+2 calls for that day and you will not forget to call someone back when you said you would.


I have made a database in Access for my business. My tables are; Customers, Hostess, Shows, Expenses, and Mileage. Access is easy to set up and you can run all types of reports and labels. I'll post more detailed info later.


My Day Timer is my bible. All my activities are written in it. This is a GREAT organization tool. I use highlighters to coordinate my business with my personal activities. This makes it easy to see at a glance what you have open. Before I start booking for a month I mark out all the dates that I do not want to have parties with a Blue highlighter. This way I know right of the bat that those dates are not open. I mark holiday weekends too. That way you don't schedule a party that you know will wind up canceling because of the Holiday. I highlight my bookings in yellow. I write down their name, phone number, time, and any incentives I might have given them. This way I can Call my hostesses at a glance without rooting for their number. I write down important date such as birthdays and anniversaries in red. I highlight pay days in pink. I color coordinate all activities.

This makes it easy to see what is what without any confusion. The trick is to always stick to your colors don't change them once you've started.

In the back, in the index sheets I have different sections. One is for past hostess. I have their names addresses, phone numbers, dates they held, and show totals. In another section I have names and phone numbers of repeat customers and their favorite items and any tidbits I have picked up.


Hostess Name,

Phone Number,

Sent Thank You Immediately,

Mail Invites,

Sent letter that invitations are out,

Sent Make phone Calls Reminder,

Called for last minute info,

Follow up calls
Closed PARTY
Place order / Mail Show
Follow Up
Sent Show invoice and Thank You to Hostess