At the show: GO THROUGH PACKET! Tell them to get guest list back to me within 1 week! Go over Hostess Brochure and Opportunity! (this is where I lacked the most... I couldn't bring myself to take any more of their time at the show, but this is when it is most important!) START THEIR WISH LIST on the Hostess Brochure using their #2 choices from the DPS! Write in the hostess special if that's what they want!

Day after they book: send postcard to confirm date/time with sticker or note telling them you are watching for their guest list!

Week later: Send letter. This is really helping with those last-minute cancellations. If they need to reschedule, they do so immediately... believe it or not, some people don't realize this is our JOB! I include a copy of the Hostess Specials flyer for that month and the "5 steps to a $500 show and $150 in free product!"

Couple days after letter is sent: Call and follow up. Confirm date/time, ask if they'd like to see anything in particular, if you haven't received it yet, remind them to send their guest list and ask WHEN IT WILL BE MAILED!
If you have received their guest list, THANK THEM for being prompt! Remind them of Hostess Specials and any special promos the Company is offering (like PERFECT ATTENDANCE in November and HOLIDAY SHOWDOWN in December).

When you send their Reminder cards: Send them a postcard (can be a reminder like you sent to their guests) telling them that the cards went out and to follow-up by calling their guests the day before.

2 days before the party: Get directions and remind them to make reminder calls. Get an estimated head count so you are prepared with the proper amount of catalogs, giveaways, etc.

Day after the party: send a thank you card for having you over. Does not need to be wordy!

After she closes: Send a letter thanking her for the party, tell her how much value her hostess order is for having the party, tell her when you mailed her show and an ESTIMATED delivery time. You do not need to give a date... just say 2-3 weeks.

When her party ships: Call (during the day) and leave a message on the machine giving her an estimated delivery day... this is VERY IMPORTANT because I have had UPS make 3 attempts, then send a postcard, then send it back to PL, and NEVER left a note on the 3 attempts and she got the postcard the day after the order went back!

2 weeks after the party: Call all guests, make sure they got their orders, they are happy, remind them of candle care if necessary, ask if they need to reorder, tell them the new Hostess Specials and promos, and THANK THEM for their order!!!

This all seems like a lot of work, but if you make it a habit, it is easy and flows well.