FIRST CALL : (2 Days after booked show)

  1. Thank her for list or remind her to mail it.
  2. Ask her if she personally called to invite guests.
  3. How many guests is she expecting?
  4. Has she collected any outside orders yet? If not, who will she ask?
  5. Who does she know who will book a show?
  6. Tell her to encourage guests to bring friends.
  7. Tell her to make a wish list of over $100.
  8. Ask her if she read the sponsoring packet.




SECOND CALL: (2-3 Days after invites mailed)

  1. Has she received her invitation?
  2. How is she doing on outside orders and bookings?
  3. Tell her to have outside orders ready when you arrive.
  4. Review her wish list -- write it down!
  5. Ask: Do you know anyone including yourself interested in owning their own business? Be sure to invite them.




THIRD CALL: (1-2 Days before the show)

  1. Review directions.
  2. How many attending? Is she happy with that #? Let her know the average guest purchase is $40. Ask if that is enough to purchase her wish list?
  3. Tell her to call guests to remind them of her show and to bring friends. DO NOT ASK IF THEY ARE COMING!
  4. How many outside orders? What do they total?
  5. How many bookings obtained?
  6. Remind her to keep refreshments simple & to serve them AFTER shopping time is over.
  7. Be enthused about what a great show it will be.
  8. Ask: What do you think about making this your decision show?