PL Candle Pool

Win $100 in PL Products!

$2 per square-- Just write in your name and phone number in the square(s) you choose.

A number will be drawn and a winner will be selected

the night of the show on: _________________

Good Luck!!!

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Dear Hostess,

Here is a game you might like to play with your friends and co-workers. It’s fun and will increase your shopping spree by adding to your show’s total sales.

Just sell pool squares at $2 per square. When all your squares are filled, it will add $100 in sales to your show ($25 shopping spree) and a lucky winner gets to order $100 in products!

Have the buyers fill in their name and phone number in the square(s) they select. The night of your show we will offer guests a chance to enter too. Then we will randomly select a number, the name in the winning square will choose $100 in free products!

If the squares are not all filled, the winner will receive a spree in the amount of the number of squares filled, times $2. If more people want to enter than we have squares, we add columns.

The winner gets to choose whatever products she(he) wants from the current catalog(s) and pays the tax, for the free merchandise. If the winner is not in attendance she(he) will be issued a gift certificate in the winning amount to be redeemed for product, to be used within a year.

The hostess is eligible to play too.

Have Fun!!