Dear PL Catalog Hostess:
Thank you for booking your catalog show with me.  Enclosed are all the things you will need to make your show a success.  Here are a few tips that will be helpful to you while you are taking orders:

1. Have your clients PAY IN FULL at the time you take their order.  This eliminates double work for you later.  They can post day their checks for the day we will be closing your show.  Make sure you give them the BLUE copy of the order form.  You will need to keep the RED copy for you and send me the rest.

2. Make checks payable to me:_____________________________.

We also accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.  Check the expiration date and make sure the name on the client order form and the charge card are the same.  Have them fill out the bottom of the order form completely and sign it.

3. When adding the order include the shipping charge (the chart is on the left of the order form) and then add 6% sales tax to that total.<you will have to edit this according to your state>

4. Your FREE SPENDING is based on the Total Merchandise Cost (before shipping and tax).  Take______% in the month of _______ when you have a booking and at least $200 in sales, or 15% if you don't have a booking or have less than $200 in sales, to calculate your free spending.

5. You will also get to take advantage of the hostess specials and 1/2 price items when your show is at least $200 with one booking.  For every $200 increment in sales you get 1 item at 1/2 price.  All hostess specials are based on what month you close your show in and are included in this packet.  For an update on hostess specials for the following month call me and I will let you know what they are when I know!

6. You will need to pay $3.50 hostess shipping and sales tax on the full retail value<based on what state you are in> of your  free spending, 1/2 price items, and hostess specials.  Don't forget to add in your cost of the 1/2 price items and the hostess specials if you take advantage of them. (1/2 price items and hostess specials are in addition to your free spending, not included with it.)

7. Make sure you are familiar with what candles go with what items. (Metal tealights go with covered containers, clear tealights go with open).  Most PL products do not come with candles so be sure to ask your clients if they need candles to go with their purchase.

8. Votives can be split in 1/2 dozens but they must be purchased by the dozen.  Quantity on the order forms would be 1 each for 1/2 dozens and 2 for a full dozen of one scent.  Also, Indulgences votives can only be split between them since they are $12.90 a dozen not $10.90 a dozen. (Tealights cannot be split!)

****Our hostess program is the same whether you hold a home show or a catalog show...please refer to the back pages of the everyday catalog for your full hostess program.  Remember to ask everyone if they would like to book a show.  Every additional booking after the first one is $25.00 per show ADDITIONAL free spending for you when their SHOWS ARE HELD  and are at least $200 in sales.
    You and I are partners and our goal is to make your catalog show as successful as possible!  YOU will profit with lots of beautiful PL products for your home and family to enjoy at little or no cost to you and I receive income from your show to help support my family.  It's a WIN-WIN goal!
1. SET A SALES GOAL.  Make a wish list of items you want for free.  Try for a nice number like $300 in sales with one booking.  That will give you $______ in PL products and will also give you one item at 1/2 price and makes you eligible for the hostess specials.

2. FIND 1-3 FRIENDS WHO WILL HOSTESS A PL SHOW for themselves (preferable a home show), especially if they've never seen PL before.  Our products need to be experienced to fully appreciate them-wouldn't you agree?

You will need at least one booking to get your maximum in hostess credit!  Let everyone know how exciting it is to earn free product just by having a show.  I can customize a hostess program to fit every need and I can make every show unique by doing a THEME PARTY.

3. SHOWING THE CATALOGS PERSONALLY to as many people as possible is fun and will help increase your sales.  Remember to be EXCITED about the products in the catalogs!!  Don't forget to get everyone's phone number on the order forms.  This helps both of us out if we need to get a hold of them regarding their order.  Again, have them make checks out to me and if they pay by credit card make sure the bottom portion of the order form is filled out completely including their signature.

    Remember I am here to support you and you or anyone placing an order can feel free to call me with any questions.
    BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL SHOW.  Just a little note for you... You are doing what I do.  It is that easy and if you have a successful show you could turn it into your starter show.  Not only will you earn free product but extra money as well.  It costs you nothing but your time to for thought!
We will be closing your show on or before___________________.  I will call you next week to see how things are going and to confirm our closing date and time.
Good luck and Have Fun!