These ideas were sent to me by a fellow waxaholic via email ~Jackie

Some people who should have the Stratus tealight holder:

* A mother of five (with tealights for each birthstone).

* Someone who builds multi-story buildings.

* Anyone who sits on a volunteer board.

* The boss - from five employees.

* A secretary who works for five bosses.

* Participants at professional, trade, or industry conferences:
"Thanks for participating in the panel discussion" or "To a bright light at the head table."

* People who are celebrating their fiftieth birthday - with the cake on the 3-wick holder. Not even the 3-wick holder can support that many candles!

* Couples celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary.

* Someone who's just received a promotion, who's moving forward and climbing the corporate ladder.

* A surgeon who works at an operating table.

* A judge who sits on the bench or a lawyer who approaches the bench.

* Fifth-grade teachers.

* Someone celebrating five years on the job.

* Anyone building a career in the glass industry.

* Diving instructors - and anyone who has a pool with a diving board.