Tealited Tidbits

I got this idea from a leader who presented this at our Regional Meeting.

She had some awesome ideas.  
I've combined them with my own to present you with:


Start NOW!!
Call all your January Hostesses from this year first, followed by all your other hostesses.
Check door prize slips to see who wrote that the 3-wick was their favorite.
Tell them if they book a show, they can buy a 3-wick for the cost of the numbered day they book a show.
For instance, Jan. 2 - they can buy any 3-wick for $2.00!

Don't forget to mention the incentives for January that will benefit them!
Double book yourself as you will probably get some cancellations.
If you don't, you can always dovetail a show.

Consider having an Open House or Mystery Hostess Show in January to boost sales and bookings!

In your Hostess Coaching, since everyone gets busy with the holidays, tell them you need their guest list back by Dec. 15th, so they won't forget about it in the Holiday Rush.

Hostesses want to hear what is in it for them, so here's some suggestions:

They will be the first ones to see the NEW catalog!
1/1 - 1/31, PL will give them 3
0% Hostess Credit!  (show must be $200.00 & 1 booking)  Don't forget the other January specials!
Everyone gets cabin fever around this time of year, so this will give them a chance to get out of the house and visit with their friends!
There's almost always a January White Sale too!
Tell them about the Hostess Specials for January! ( If you didn't make it to your Regional this month, this info. will be in your mailer
and on the Extranet)
Make up your own Hostess Specials for them, or offer an extra half price item if they have a $400.00 show, or 3 bookings, or whatever you choose.  Just be creative and give them a reason to WANT to have a party!


So get out your calendar, start calling and book, book, book!!!