Booking Success!  AND Sponsoring Seed!
Use Becky's formula to get those bookings up!  She got 5 bookings at her last show using this method.  She has written this up just as she would say it at her show.
Thank you Becky

(As she turns to her hostess)

Here I've got 6 votive roses and each one of them is especially important to you, because at ANY point during tonight's show that anyone here (turning toward the crowd) decides that they are enjoying themselves ALOT and are envious of all the goodies you're getting tonight that they want to schedule their own PL show then you get to give them one of these roses.  It's their's to keep and when they take one it lets me know that when shopping time begins I'll need to date their show.

The first one (handing it to her), when taken, represents the 25% hostess credit that you will be receiving from the sales of your show tonight.  PLUS all the other benefits you get as a hostess such as Hostess Specials, and Half Price items.

The 2nd, thru 5th roses represent the various booking gifts that PL hostesses can choose from after those shows have held.  (I show a booking gift at that point)  Or if the booking gifts aren't your "cup of tea" then you get a SECOND shopping spree out of the catalog using retail credit   TOO COOL HUH?

Now the 6th and Last rose is the MOST important because it's what I call the "rose that forever Blooms".    When the 6th rose is taken tonight, that means you have now attained 6 bookings from your show, and you can earn yourself Between $400-$600 in CASH by becoming a consultant and using your show tonight as a starter show.  The 6th rose continues to bloom as you continually make money with your new PL career.

I'll explain how awesome those roses can be for you later on as I present these beautiful products, the Hostess opportunity and  the Income Opportunity  but for now you hold onto those and as they disappear know that you are earning yourself some AWESOME stuff :)

(Turning toward the crowd again)  Remember at ANY point tonight you decide YOU want to have a PL show of YOUR own, just come on over and grab one of those roses from (hostess), I'm sure now that I've explained how it benefits her, she'll be more than happy to give you one..Hee hee


Additional ideas to incorporate:

Another thing Becky does to spice it up even more is that after she gives the hostess the roses, she says "oh wait, one more thing - here are some tickets. Everyone who takes a rose gets a ticket for a drawing we will do at the end of my presentation tonight. The winner will win this:" She holds up a bag and says: "but we don't know what's inside!". She then gives that to the hostess too and says "here, pass this around for everyone to admire."

For the prize drawing, Becky just uses whatever she has and what she wants to spend. Once she used a square pillar. I'd be willing to bet that they would really go for it with an extra prize involved!

From Becky:  I've also done it, where instead of having a prize for the people who book, I hand the hostess a gift, (or sometimes an envelope with an item listed inside that I will personal bonus for her on her show) and I tell her that, there is a special surprise in there JUST FOR HER but the only way she can see what it is, is if all her roses are gone. Usually it just drives the hostess nuts to not know what she's holding onto and she will be getting rid of the roses or necklaces left and right. It takes the pressure off of me and people are a lot more likely to tell her yes than they would me.