By Jackie Whiteker

Yep, that's right. I've devised a calorie chart to help us lose those extra pounds we want to shed before conference. I figured we could burn calories while we're burning those candles! So here we go!

Lighting a tealight - 10 calories
Lighting a votive - 20 calories
Lighting a 3-wick - 60 calories
Hugging the 3-wick - 100 calories
Cleaning up the mess after we hug too much - 200 calories

Note: Add 25 calories to each lighting above if you're using one of those clickers that never seem to want to light. {click} {click} {click} {click} {click} {click}

Bonus! 20 more calories for throwing the clicker across the room! LOL

Now for the aerobics!

Packing the car for a show - 300 calories

Unpacking the car for a show - 400 calories (since you have to be so careful not to bang up their walls like yours are)

Setting up your display table and preparing for a show - 200 calories.
Note: Add 200 more if it's hot in there and you sweat like there's no tomorrow!

Demo: 30 calories for each guest present at the show. Just think - 10 guests and you burn 300 calories!
Bonus! Hostess Coaching - there goes another 40 calories!
Double Bonus! Sponsoring talks add 100 calories due to all the excitement you display!

Packing up to go home - 200 calories if you move quickly. Otherwise, 100.

Unpacking the car when you get home -
0. Leave it for tomorrow!! LOL

Oh, and no goodies at the show! Unless of course, they are calorie free treats, like the chocolate éclairs.

2+2 calls the next day - 1000 calories (stress does have it's advantages)

Adding up your sales - 500 if you hit bonus, otherwise 200.

The busier you are, the more you burn!

So let's see, I just did a show last night with 12 guests present. That's 360.
Lit 12 tealights and 3 votives for a total of 180.
My clicker didn't light most of the time, so I got the bonus 25.
Pack, unpack, setup and demo, then pack again = 1300 since I sweat up a storm (it was hot in there!)
Add 140 for hostess coaching and sponsoring talk.
2+ 2's this morning = 1000 and finally, just added up my sales which totaled $3000.00, so that's another 500.
For a grand total, in just 2 days, I have burned 3505 calories!!

Since I only have to burn 3000 calories to lose one pound, then by conference, I can drop 32.5 pounds if I do a show every other day between now and conference! And I get to make lots of money while I'm losing! LOL