Just 4 laughs!

Someone once said...
"Show me a clean house and I'll
show you a boring housewife!"

On that note, thought you might like to
see my PL room on one of it's better days :)

No kidding, it's even worse now! Like to never found
my husband when he disappeared
into this room one day! LOL

This is the closet. Hubby put a shelf about half way down so
I could put my literature organizer in there for all my paperwork.
Sure is nice to be orgainzed! ROFL

Next is a view from the hallway.
Yep, there really is bed under there somewhere!
After all, this IS the guest bedroom!
This has been dubbed "The Puzzle Room" because I used
to do puzzles and glue them together, then hang them in this
room as pictures on the walls.
I think I'll keep calling it the "Puzzle Room",
only now it will be for a different reason! ;)
...Now where did I put that pear pillar...?

And finally, the view from inside.
I'll bet you wouldn't believe
that I am actually an organization freak! Trouble is,
I'm also a busy organization freak, so not much
time to keep up with the "little things" these days!
Hey, I found the pillar!

You wouldn't know it by looking at this
room - but the rest of my
house is actually clean and "organized"!
Guess that makes me just a "little" boring. ;)

If you would like to share some pics of your PL room,
just send me an email with the pics and the information!
If you prefer, I won't post who you are.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!