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To boost your business
and have fun too!

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Candy Corn Guesses
CC Tip Cards for Indulgences


For a fun game, fill the Quad Prism, Salzburg, Soliloquy, or any piece
(Pictured: Optic Odyssey, now discontinued) with Candy Corn, redhots, sweethearts, whatever,  then
have the guests try and guess how
many pieces there are!
Looks pretty with tealight burning too!
I offer free shipping to the winner.
BTW - did you know that if you mix Candy Corn
with salted peanuts (without the skins),
that it tastes just like a PayDay candy bar?
It really does! Try it!

Make your own Key Chains!

Here's a great idea for a Hostess Gift:

Use your favorite picture of one of our products or groupings.
Using card stock, print picture on one side and contact information on back.
Cut out. Laminate. Punch hole. Wind metal key ring on.

Here's a picture of an example
I made for you:



*Note: You can buy the metal rings
at any craft store. I don't have a laminating machine, so I covered mine
manually with self-adhesive laminator sheets. Works great!

Just think - your hostess has your name and number handy at home and away!
Plus-your name and product is advertised where ever her keys go!

~ If you prefer a hard lamination for your picture, here is some information on cost:
I called a local copy center (CopyMax).  To laminate 50 cards and have them trimmed to the
shape of the candle, the cost is .69 each.
Just take your pictures in to them, already printed on cardstock and they can do it in a day for you.  Punch the hole (they said it punches with a hole punch), 
and you have a nice gift for under $1.00!
You could also give a net wrapped votive to your hostess with the keychain 
attached to it with curling ribbon. Cute!

Cost with votive and professional lamination: $1.20 approx.
Less than that if you laminate yourself!

Below are the files I used to make my keychains.
You can replace the picture with your favorite.
Just make sure the back printing lines up with the front.

Keychain file (front side) .doc format
Keychain file (back side) .doc format

You must have MS Word or Word Viewer to view and print the files.

Here is an HTML page with 6 of the Harvest Time 3-Wick Holder pics for those of
you who who wanted an HTML page.

Set your printer to LANDSCAPE to print
these out correctly.

There is no way to make an HTML page
that you can edit with your own information
for the back, but you can always
put a sticker on the back with your
contact information, or make up your
own template
with your word processing software
so you can print on the back.
Don't forget to laminate front AND back
on your keychains to make them durable!

  Here is another page of
pics for the keychains - it has
3 Harvest Times, 1 ICT, 1 Ariana
in the Spring Song and 1 Crystal Heart.

Again, you'll have to make your own
template for the back or use
stickers. If you want to make up
your own keychain pic page,
and you have a program to do this,
just go to any of my pages
and right click on the image you like
to save it to your hard drive.

Have fun making the keychains!
Hopefully the guests will book just to get a keychain! 

Candle Care Tips Card

For customers who order the
Indulgences column or square pillar,
give them a Candle Care Tips card
made just for these items!

I print mine on bright colored cardstock
and give to
each one who orders these items.

I print 4 to a page - square pillars on
one side and columns on the other - 
cut in fourths and that's it!

Don't forget to add your contact
on them before you print.

Click below to view, edit
and print yours.
You must have MS Word or the
  Word viewer

  Indulgences Columns

  Indulgences Square Pillars

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